Fort Worth Attorney: Transfer of Property After Death

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Providing Efficient Title Transfers After Death

Are you concerned about transferring property titles from your deceased loved one to his or her designated heir? There are legal options available to simplify this process. One such option is called muniment of title. This form of probate allows for the transfer of real estate titles quickly and efficiently. At the Law Offices of Paula R. Moore, in Fort Worth, Texas, we can meet with you to discuss whether this is a viable option in your situation.

What Is the Benefit of Muniment of Title?

Heirs will be unable to sell or transfer the property of a loved one until the deceased's name is removed from the property title. Muniment of title allows for this removal quickly and conveniently. This process requires just a single court hearing that does not require a notice to creditors. It is also not necessary to conduct an estate inventory. Paula R. Moore is an experienced Fort Worth probate lawyer. She can review your situation and let you know what your options are throughout the probate process.

Required Conditions for the Transfer of Property

This type of property transfer does not apply to all estates. Certain conditions need to exist, such as:

  • A valid will must exist.
  • The court must have jurisdiction over the estate.
  • There must be no unpaid debts by the estate, except for debts that are secured by liens.
  • The estate does not have to be administered.

Muniment of title can save an heir considerable time and money and is an option worth exploring. Our skilled attorney can assist you with this process, as well as any other probate needs you may have.

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