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Are you thinking about drafting a will? Doing so can be an important step in preparing for your future. You do not need significant wealth and property, only the desire to formally let your wishes be known regarding how to handle your estate after your death.

At the Law Offices of Paula R. Moore, in Fort Worth, Texas, we will discuss your decision to prepare a will and how it can benefit your family. Our goal is to ensure your estate planning documents thoroughly and accurately convey your wishes. Contact our law firm to discuss your estate planning needs with an experienced lawyer.

Changing a Will

In addition to drafting will, our firm also helps people update or change their wills. Changing a will is a delicate process that can cause disputes during estate administration if it is not done correctly. If you are of sound mind and understand the impact of your decisions, we can help update your will to designate a new heir, reallocate assets and convey other changes.

Having a Will Can Ease the Probate Process

The probate process can be more difficult and stressful without proper estate planning such as a will. In fact, bitter conflicts often arise when matters of inheritance and powers of attorney had not been put in place. A legal and valid will can help ensure that the decadent's wishes are known and makes it easier for the executor of the estate to distribute assets accordingly.

Contact a Tarrant County Estate Planning Lawyer

If you need help creating a will or another estate planning document, turn to the Law Offices of Paula R. Moore, in Fort Worth, Texas. We will help you plan for your future. Contact our law firm online or call us at 817-332-2300 to schedule a consultation. We represent clients in Fort Worth, Weatherford, and all of Tarrant County and surrounding areas.